Contract negotiations

Our executive team has personally negotiated hundreds of MLS and broker software contracts over a span of 24 years. We understand MLS and broker contracts from both the vendor and customer side and can help you successfully navigate through this process. We will make sure you have the right support and product guarantees at the best possible price.

A good contract will make sure that any new installation, conversion or extension provides the necessary safeguards your members deserves. It also will take into account changes in technology, pricing and services that have occurred and that you should benefit from such as:

  • Database security
  • Disaster recovery and secondary system options
  • Downtime penalties
  • Support hours
  • System response times
  • User Training
  • Data ownership
  • Data feeds and 3rd party access
  • Ongoing product upgrades
  • Implementation services/support/guarantees

Our experience will help you move through any negotiation process successfully and fairly for both the vendor and your organization.