In evaulating the web statistics at WAV, and many significant broker websites, I recognized that for the first time more than 20% of users visiting the site are using MacIntosh Computers.

MacIntosh is having a resurgance in popularity among consumers due to the ipod Helo effect and the introduction of the pentium processor and software like parallels.

The Ipod helo effect is that people love their ipod so much, they are spending time in Apple Stores and on ITunes and other Apple websites.  Their brand and products are excellent.

Business users have log avoided Apple computers becasue popular Microsoft software applications do not play nicely on a Mac.  Those days are over – business users can now run microsoft software on Apple computers equiped with the Intel processor.

They are fast, easy to use, and do not crash!

I have worked on an Apple for 3 years now and can report that many agent and broker websites have not been built to work on Apple Computers.  Check your website on a mac – visit a compusa or apple store.

make sure you do a property search

Oddly enough, many MLS systems do not support Apple users.