Thank you to Broker Agent news for this thoughtful list.

  1. No Flash Intro to the site – takes too long to load and people don’t care.  Especially repeat visitors who are likely to buy or sell their home with you.
  2. Do not layer text on photos – it is too hard to read
  3. No Music – again, it is anoying to repeat visitors
  4. Do not use hard to read colors like blue text on a black background
  5. Keep each page looking the same – don’t generate a new layout for each area of the site.
  6. Avoid cross linking around your site
  7. Do not duplicate links
  8. Do not have flashing ads like “Call Me Now”
  9. Limit yourself to simple text, not bold, Italics, ALL CAPS, ETC
  10. Limit the use of frames
  11. Avoid content spamming like “The 7 deadly mistakes sellers make”
  12. Avoid googlizing all of your text and repeating key words in an absurd way
  13. No Pop-ups
  14. make sure your pages load fast
  15. Keep your bio fresh – nobody cares about your awards from the 1500 BC
  16. If you have a blog, keep it professional
  17. Only link to relevant websites
  18. Keep each page short
  19. Do not force registration
  20. No trivia
  21. Do not disable the back button so people need to close the website to leave.