Recently I was asked by a client about their Alexa rankings.

it seems that few people understand that Alexa gets its rankings data from browsers that have the Alexa toolbar installed.  That’s a fairly small sampling, as well as a skewed one, as many savy individuals believe that having that tool installed in thier browser is like having spyware on your computer.

alexa does measure the popularity of your site – but only for that minority focus group.

The reality today is that 90% of the traffic to agent and broker websites come from people typing in the URL (look at your stats pages for this number… is real for everyone).

Having said that, search engine optimization is a concept that does need to be handled when you develop pages for your site.  Eventhough we all know that key words, summary’s and title tags are not highly relevant to search engines, they are read and I think the search engine spiders look to see if the text on your pages, and the links in and out of your site relate to your meta data…

Hence, when writing the text for your site, be sure to write natural key word rich language.

For example – if I were writing the sentence above to focus on key word optimization for agnet and broker websites, I would write it like this.

“Hence, when writing text for your agent or broker website, be sure to include real estate related keywords that drive home buyers and home sellers to your agent or broker website.”

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