This morning, Dave Marron, CEO of SphereBuilder, talked to Inman News Editor Jessica Swesey about the evolving role of lead generators, and understanding the math involved in strategizing conversion points.

It is a short piece, but it triggers the imagination about how much business is lost these days, despite the efforts of Real Estate Brokers.

Key Point – 50% of online leads are not responded to!

Everyday, the online and offline marketing quest to generate clients for the brokerage gets more and more competitive.  The saddest part is that the Return on Investment is reduced not by the amount of advertising, but by the ability for today’s broker organization to train agents on how to handle online and offline leads.  If the lead management part could improve, then the cost of marketing would go down dramatically as the lead funnel becomes more and more efficient.

Contact WAV Group about how we can coach your organization on being effective with the business that you already generate.  We have access to tools that will allow you to count and measure conversion rates, study where business comes from, what sources of leads are best, track which agents get leads, and what their conversion rates are.

Lets face it.  Some agents should not be in real estate sales at all.  Some are good working with their network but bad with strangers.  Some are great with strangers.  Some are comfortable on a computer, others are not.  Placing sales opportunities with the wrong sales person will definately undermine sales results.

We can make it better.