May , 2004 — SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA & SNYDER, NY — WAV Group today announced its formation with the merger of Wilson Victor Associates and Audet Consulting. WAV Group offers customer-driven business advisory and implementation services to the real estate industry and to technology companies supplying server-based software products across a broad range of industries.

Rolling out new business lines or selecting and implementing new technology is complex, expensive, and can greatly impact the success of a company or association. The process of launching a new product or service is very different from the ongoing management of products and services; it requires extensive knowledge of technology options and entrepreneurial skills that most companies do not have internally. WAV Group helps by acting as a cost-effective product management team; a team deeply experienced in strategic planning, new business development, marketing, product management, and implementation.

Whether it is an MLS vendor selection and implementation, roll-out of a brokerage in-house productivity package, or development of a mass-market software product, WAV Group always begins with a clear understanding of the needs and objectives of the customer and the end user ultimately using the product or service. For example, there may be a role for requests for proposal (RFPs) in MLS vendor selections, but such tools are useless without a clear understanding of the unique needs of each client, its end users, and the available software and service options.

WAV Group principals have considerable experience leading clients to success through customer focus. For example, Reach Communications, Inc., delivers Internet-based tools for real estate agents to build customer relationships and is a WAV Group client. According to Reach CEO Lois Landau, “Like any young company with new technology, controlling our costs is critical. I see WAV Group as business catalysts. They provide us with executive level support and guidance on marketing strategies, channel development, structuring key relationships, and increasing our distribution at a fraction of what it would cost us to do it internally.”

WAV Group principals Michael Audet, Victor Lund, and Marilyn Wilson have a unique array of talents.

WAV Group is the global business advisory practice of Marilyn Wilson, Victor Lund, and Michael Audet, who bring decades of experience to strategic planning, product management, marketing, business development, and implementation. The company’s clients include prominent players and start-ups in North America, Europe, and elsewhere.