The WAV Group PRO Plan is a comprehensive strategic planning process which helps an organization uncover major opportunities for improvement and then build and execute action plans to achieve these breakthroughs.

In order for a strategic plan to be effective, it needs to incorporate both internal and external perspectives.  It needs to examine the Association’s strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of the internal staff and members as well as home buyers and sellers.  In addition, it needs to compare the organization relative to broader market trends observed from similar associations within the real estate industry and overall real estate industry market trends.  The Pro Plan process provides tools that broaden the scope of the examination of issues within your Association to be sure you can become aware of best practices in order to dramatically improve the performance of your organization.

For Real Estate Associations, the WAV Group PRO Plan  is the only strategic planning process with an emphasis on action.  The PRO Plan has been designed to help ensure association goals are not just articulated, but actually accomplished.

Unlike many strategic planning processes which only help outline a list of goals, the WAV Group process takes it several steps further. The WAV Group Strategic Planning process is a process, not an event.  We stick with you throughout the year, helping you stay on task to achieve and exceed your goals. We work with you and your staff to outline annual goals which are measurable.  Next we train participants in the process on how to translate association goals into measurable action plans for their respective responsibility areas. We help you set quarterly goals and coach your team to build and execute action plans.

At the end of each quarter, WAV Group works with you to review results versus the quarterly goals that were set.  After reviewing progress, we then work with you to set goals for the following quarter.

At the end of the year, we will work with you to prepare a year end performance summary relative to the annual and quarterly goals set.  This report can then be shared with board leadership and association membership to help them understand the benefits you have provided to them.

Please contact us for more information about the WAV Group PRO Plan strategic planning services.