Online Surveys

Surveys are an effective way for your organization to measure progress against your strategic objectives, to determine member satisfaction with technology or services and to take the pulse on any number of issues.  WAV Group Internet surveys are  fast, affordable and efficient.  Our state of the art survey tools allow for the ultimate in flexibility in survey design and our design team has extensive experience in building survey instruments that meet your objectives.  WAV Group has built surveys for NAR, MLSs and corporations to meet their specific business objectives.  Unlike some consulting companies that provide boilerplate surveys designed for some other MLS or company we create every survey instrument to each customer’s unique needs.

Our survey reports are typically prepared within 48 hours of survey completion and are designed for board room presentation with executive summary of key results, question and response details in descriptive and graphical format, plus selective “cross tab” and “multi-filter” analysis.   Please contact us for more information or a detailed quote.


Survey Distribution

Electronic surveys can be  distributed to respondends in two ways:

  1. They can be emailed to participants
    • WAV Group can manage the entire email process
    • You can email the survey links yourself
  2. Links to a survey can be placed on your website


Surveys can be custom branded from your organization or can be released under the WAV Group logo.
WAV Banner Example

Question Types

WAV Group surveys provide unmatched flexibility in designing questions.  Our survey instrument provides total flexibility in question design, including:

  • Multiple choice (horizontal or vertical)
  • Open ended – Short or Essay
  • Rating scale –  from 2 to 16 rating levels (single choice)
  • Drop down boxes

Custom Color Schemes

Surveys can be created in a number of attractive color schemes.  Some examples follow:
Blue Survey

Grey Survey


Cross Tabbing

Every WAV Group survey includes the ability to do cross tab analysis.  Cross tab analysis is the process where you isolate survey responses based on one or more previous answers.

You may have a question on your survey that asks respondents to rate a particular service your association provides.  Without cross tabbing the results you get may look like this:

Question:   How would you rate the new agent orientation classes?

Excellent 25%
Good 35%
Fair 5%
Poor 35%

At first glance it would appear that only 25% of the respondents thought the classes were excellent while 35% reported them as poor.  With Cross Tab filters, however, we can analyze the data in ways that make it more meaningful.  With this example, when we cross reference the data by the number of years an agent has been in the business, we see that 75% of those who have been in business less than 1 year report the classes are excellent and only 5% in this group say they were Fair or Poor. The results are shown in the following chart.

Years in Business <1 1-5 >5
Excellent 75% 35% 5%
Good 20% 35% 10%
Fair 3% 25% 25%
Poor 2% 10% 60%

This data would also be presented visually in the final report.  Here are two examples of how it might be represented:

Multi-question Data Filters

In addition to Cross Tabbing, WAV Group surveys provide multi-question advanced data filters that allow for analysis to be isolated according to several responses.

Your MLS in doing a technology survey may want to understand member satisfaction with a particular technology product provided by the MLS.  Let’s also assume that the MLS provides training on that product, but  the training is optional.  Several survey questions you may want to look at with filters could include the following:

sample survey questions

With multi-filter analysis, we could isolate the response ratings for the product in different ways, such as:

  • Comparing agents who use the product, that went to class versus those that have not attended class.
  • Comparing agents who use the product, that went to class or not, and then by their overall technology skill level.

WAV Group will first design a survey instrument that asks the right questions to meet your objectives.  Then, using our data analysis tools,  we are able to provide views into that data that are truly meaningful for your organization.

Survey Analysis Report

Full data analysis reports are provided with every WAV Group survey including:

  • Executive Summary  – high level recap and analysis of key survey findings
  • Graphical display of each questions results
  • Descriptive analysis with each question and data set
  • “Cross tab” and “multi-filter” analysis
  • Conclusions and recommendations based on key findings

Survey reports are typically available within 48 hours of survey completion.  The following are some examples of questions and answers taken from NAR’s 2005 CRT MLS Technology Survey that was developed and fielded for NAR by the WAV Group.  If you would like to see or download the complete 2005 CRT MLS Technology Survey click the following link:

Sample charts