– Valuable tools for providing real estate market logic to consumers

During the California Association of REALTORS meetings this week, Real Estate Business Services, Inc. (REBS) announced a partnership with Terradatum to offer two terrific new services for agents to help them better serve the information needs of their clients.

“Consumers are exposed to constant housing market chatter, and these tools provide meaningful information, specific and relevant to the consumer’s situation,” said REBS Chairman of the Board Gary Thomas. “Clarus REsourceTM enhances the position of REALTORS® as trusted, skilled advisors by providing them with tools to easily interpret raw data.”

The first, ClarusTM Market Metrics, is a series of detailed reports agents can use in client presentations. Any real estate professional with an MLS membership can purchase the reports, which provide quantitative data for establishing market-appropriate listing and offer prices. ClarusTM Market Metrics provides the REALTOR® with a set of six reports and one easy-to-understand translation of what the data set means that can be customized with the REALTOR®’s name and logo.

ClarusTM Investor, available April 1, is a property analysis tool that allows REALTORS® to help buyers who want to invest in real estate to obtain a quick picture of the property’s value and profit potential.  It also is available in combination with a basic training package to help REALTORS® become more comfortable discussing real estate investment options with their existing client base.

The ClarusTM products are being provided through a partnership with Terradatum, a leading provider of insightful, yet easy to understand real estate information. To learn more about the products you can visit their site here.

In our work around the country WAV Group is hearing an ever-increasing need from MLS subscribers to provide better information to their clients. Agents who are working with clients who are close to making a purchase, but are afraid the market trends are working against them really their agent to provide them with logical, easy to understand statistics to give them the confidende this is the right time to buy. For agents who would like to build relationships with their clients by providing objective and well-researched information, WAV Group believes these tools will be invaluable. Terradatum is a terrific statistics and research company and they will serve the needs of C.A.R. members well.