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Invite the World to Property Search with Immobel

If you drive through the rust belt of America stretching from New York State to Michigan, you cannot help but to be dismayed by the dilapidated plants that line our state highways – specifically Highway 90, but there are many others.  Somehow we lost touch with manufacturing, and many factories went abroad.

Now they are coming back.

Along the country roads of Alabama, little more is seen than farm land and grazing cattle, gently rolling hills and the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.  If you look closely, however, you will see change.

Mobile, Alabama is a hotbed of growth attracting multi-national corporations like Hyundai and Germany-based ThyssenKrupp Steel.  In an important way, Immobel technology participated in welcoming those businesses and many executive families to Alabama. is a technology company that translates property listings into 13 different languages.  The impact of their technology is inspiring.

Everyday I read about technology in real estate, and rarely do I see references to Realtors as Community Ambassadors.  I hear a lot about neighborhood specialists, but not ambassadors.

The good folks at the Mobile Area Association of Realtors made an excellent decision to translate their MLS data into many languages.  In doing so they helped the community to attract cultural diversity, new business growth, and extended the famous Alabama hospitality.

Try to find a website in San Francisco that translates property search into Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Korean, Chinese…..despite huge populations of people living in those neighborhoods.

If America wants to remain culturally diverse, and welcoming to the world, our Realtors and MLSs need to support the efforts – as Ambassadors to all languages