SentriLock, provider of lock box products to REALTORS is making a major stir in the lockbox category with their announcement of NXT Wireless lockboxes, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

With expected release this year, Sentrilock will be throwing a lifeline to real estate agents who do not embrace the Palm series of smartphones or eKey required to open the GE Supra lockboxes.

By targeting technology that is more widely adopted in the marketplace, Sentrilock looks to grab market share by deploying lockboxes with enhanced usability and access from any computer or wireless device.  “Being cross-platform is clearly going to be an advantage for Sentrilock,” cites Scott Fisher, CEO of Sentrilock.

Secondary Effect

In the WAV Group Smartphone study, REALTORS overwhelmingly selected Blackberry as their preferred productivity tool.  The Blackberry hold-outs still using Palm smartphones cited compatibility with GE Supra Lockboxes as their primary reason for continued use of the Palm devices.  This will clearly have an effect on Blackberry adoption in real estate.