This is really off topic for our blog, but so many of our twitter firends are having trouble upgrading their itunes and iphone to version 2.0

Steps to upgrading to iPhone Firmware version 2.0 (w/App Store)

1. Go to Apple Menu —–> Then “Software Update…” and install iTunes 7.7.

2. Go here and It should autcoatiallcy start the download for the new firmware.

3. Once it is finished make sure the file ends in “.ipsw” if you find it ends in “.zip” just erase the .zip from the extension

4. With your iPhone connected to your computer, go to iTunes where is says, “Check for Update” or “Restore”. Your going to want to hold the Option key and cick on “Check for Update”.

5. This will bring you to a finder window where you can select the .ipsw file that you downloaded earlier.

6. From here iTunes pretty much just does its thing and when its finished you should have the App Store on your iPhone