SIMI VALLEY, Calif., September 26, 2008 – Rapattoni Corporation announced today that it will implement advanced technology from RSA to enhance the fraud detection capabilities of Rapattoni Secure Logon and to make the security experience more convenient for its users.

Based on PassMark device identification technology, which provides the “know your customer” rule used in online banking, this technology offers customers even more security assurance than traditional hardware tokens. RSA® Adaptive Authentication is an intelligent system that authenticates users by monitoring a series of risk indicators in real-time. This transparent authentication provides a superior user experience as agents are only challenged in higher risk cases. Embedded in the Rapattoni Single Sign-on Identity Portal, Rapattoni’s customers will now be able to fine tune the system’s fraud detection models. “If you are using your bank’s online services, you most likely are using this technology today,” said Nick Rapattoni, president of Rapattoni Corporation. “Eliminating the need for agents to carry a physical token removes all of the resistance to adopting higher security.

Rapattoni will include this new security system as part of each new MLS installation at no additional charge, and existing customers will be eligible to implement this technology when their contracts are renewed.” Adaptive Authentication is currently deployed in over 8,000 organizations worldwide, protects more than 150 million online users, and the technology has processed over 20 billion transactions to date.

Key Benefits No Token Required With RSA® Adaptive Authentication, the agent is no longer required to present a number from a hardware token and simply enters his/her regular ID and password. At the customer’s discretion, certain high risk users may be challenged to present a tokencode, and the system will be compatible so that customers who already have hardware tokens can seamlessly transition to the new technology.

Fraud Detection RSA® Adaptive Authentication identifies fraud by collating fraud indicators, user profiles, transaction behavioral patterns, RSA eFraudNetwork feeds, and other fraud intelligence learned about the user’s personal behavior. Supports Existing Authentication Technologies RSA® Adaptive Authentication can intelligently challenge risky users with a variety of authentication technologies already deployed in the real estate industry: Challenge questions Device identification of PCs Hardware tokens Software and toolbar tokens PDA and smartphones with e-mail/paging