I was socialzing with friends of mine who operate 10 Cenutry 21 offices along the Central Coast of California.  Thier spirts where high, which impressed me given the challenges facing brokers and agents today.  Fortunately for us, all is not lost in this unique corner of our Nation.

I asked them about being a Century 21 Franchise, and how that helps them.  They responded in unison with acclaim “Tom Kunz just gave us a great idea!” And went on to explain:

Buyers are looking at houses, but not making offers.  Tom suggested that we sit down with our sellers and make the buyer an offer.  Get the seller to agree to the very best price that they will offer the home for sale to the buyer, and submit that to the buyer’s agent.”

Turn the tables!  They suggested that it is working for them.  Sellers go on the offensive.