I must say that I am underwhelmed.  Thankfully I have an iphone as my primary and a blackberry as my first backup.  I was hoping for brilliance from google.  Ho Humm.

My 5 year old just got her first phone, i guess.

Set up was totally great.  I did not need to connect my device to a computer!  I just logged in using my gmail account – all of my contacts and calendar were there (thanks to free backup from Google).

So I just turned it on, put in my gmail account name and address, 4 minutes later I was ready to roll.

For zhiing purposes, I went straight to the maps – after a few minutes and no map – I gave up.  iPhone and Blackberry work great at my house (both AT&T) T-Mobile sucks.

Camera takes nice pictures, but is super slow.

I have no idea how to get more apps – in this regard having the app store connected to the iphone is waaaay better.

It is really heavy

It is hard to type with my right thumb.

Marilyn hates the feel of the device.

The text on the browser does not get big for ……. people with short arms.

First site I went to was zhiing.com – it has a really cool flash intro – check it out if you have not already

So I followed the adobe flash download instruction and selected the Linux version – no love – I screwed around with different downloads for 20 minutes.

IMHO, Amazon is the best mobile site.  Worked perfectly.  The browser is super fast – faster than the safari browser and way, way, way faster than my Blackberry 8800 series

more tomorrow if I am still inspired……positively or negatively.

But before I go.  Here is my list of smart phones in order of functionality