From my Friend, Dan Roblin (who single handedly made the Dow go up yesterday as a present)

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Hard to believe forty is no longer in sight!

Knowing Victor, he won’t go down without a fight.

There’s some good to be said about forty one:

You’re still able to have a lot of fun!

There is a sober reality that lies ahead.

Fifty certainly doesn’t mean one’s dead!

However, when that AARP letter arrives,

One starts to ponder being able to survive.

Let’s not move ahead too fast!

Alexandra’s childhood has to last.

While Marilyn keeps Victor in line,

Alexandra will keep Victor’s heart divine.

So as Arroyo Grande continues to be home,

Victor and Marilyn continue to roam.

Regardless of back East and Buffalo weather,

Margaret and I hope you can celebrate together…

a very

Happy Birthday!!

Daniel A. Roblin III, CFP®
Divisional Vice President
Investment Management Consultant
UBS Wealth Management USA


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