David Charron has always been an industry visionary and leader through every step in his storied career.  Today he continues the implementation of his vision as CEO of America’s Largest MLS – MRIS.

His vision for the future of the MLS is an environment where Agents and Consumers can connect with each other to have discussions about properties, values, neighborhoods and all things real estate.  Enjoy this brief interview courtesy of Inman News.

I will be moderating a panel discussion at Inman in January titled MLS 2014 – 5 things to do right now to get ready.  Here are the panelists.

  • Joshua Sharfman, CTO, California Association of Realtors ®
  • Saul Klein, President & CEO, Internet Crusade / CEO, Point2 Technologies
  • Brian Larson, Attorney at Law, Larson/Sobotka PLLC
  • Mark Lesswing, Sr. Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, NAR