Historically I have been somewhat descriminating about where I announce blog posts at https://www.wavgroup.com

At times, I would twitter the post, at other times, I would also post a link to my facebook friends.  For some reason, I always neglect linkedin and plaxo.  Those four combine to create the ecosystem of my online social life.  I have some other social networks that I have registered for research purposes, like myspace, brightkite, loopt, hi5 and probably some more that I have forgotten about.

What I found was that the effort to publish a link for each blog post on so many sites has been heavy lifting.  Today I noticed that I could put my ping.fm key into my blog administration profile which allows me to publish links to blog posts on all of my social netowrks automatically.

Today will be my first time doing this.  I wrote this post as much for testing reasons as to share the effectiveness of the service to my blogging friends