Thanks to @bhgre_sherry aka Sherry Chris of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate for sharing a new website called

Following people on twitter has always been a bit random for me.  I mostly follow people who publish inforamtion about all things real estate.  My twitter goal is to stay in touch with new thoughts, new products, and new thinking that supports progress in the real estate industry.  And to a great extent – I am often more likely to only tweet when WAV Group publishes a blog post or whitepaper that I hope folks will enjoy.

Thanks to Digg Founder  @KevinRose who launched, I can now search for people to follow by category.  We follow has a list of twitter people that follow real estate, technology, blogging, and many other categories.  Here is a video to get you started with wefollow – it only takes a few seconds.  And a tip – do not put spaces in your hash tags:  so for real estate, type in #realestate.