A Couple Sleeps In A Bed That Is Divided By A Line 50% on Each Side. A ConceptMany people have scorned Real Estate agents for being laggards in relationship to adopting technology and moving offline advertising buget online.  A new study shows that they are actually leaders and probably leaning more toward online spending.

Today, our friend Gordon Borrell from Borrell Associates released stunning news regarding how Small to Mid-Sized businesses (SMB) view the internet and what their online spending budgets are like.

According to the study, the average SMB spends 11% fo thier ad budget online.

Real Estate agents spend 47% of their ad budget online!  Take that!

The Borrell report looked at $16.6 million SMBs that are responsible for more than half of all interactive spending.  The full report is $995, but you can download a summary of the report here.