I joined twitter in June, 2007. Here is my first tweet.

Trying to figure out why Brad Inman has selected a guy like Hugh MacLeod, a self professed twitter-head to be the key note speaker Connect1:42 PM Jun 26th, 2007 from web

In retrospect – I Brad was onto something very early on, but oddly enough he did not post to Twitter until April 18th, 2008.

We posted a very successful post here on the blog called Twitterstate: twitter for real estate.  The post is indexed on the first page of google, yahoo and other search engines for the keyword phrase “twitter for real estate”.  https://www.wavgroup.com/twitterstate-twitter-for-real-estate-professionals

Without much effort at all, I have somehow amassed more than 1500 followers on twitter – and my twinfluence – or twitter reach is now more than 4 Million – If you are a twitter user, please follow me at http://www.twitter.com/victorlund or Marilyn Wilson at http://www.twitter.com/marilynwilson or Mike Audet at http://twitter.com/maudet

Although twitter does not have a business model yet, they have a velocity of use case sceanarios already deployed in many business applications.  Here is a great video from TED.  TED.com is one of my favorite websites.  We have featured a variety of TED Talks here on the blog.