photosynthmicrosoftIn a move that may separate Microsoft Virtual Earth from Google maps, Microsoft announced integration of Photosynth – an application that allows you to automatically stich groups of photos togethers into a three dimensional viewing experience.  This has tremendous implications for the mapping functionality imbeded into MLS systems including Cyberhomes (FNRES) and Marketlinx and others.

Although Virtual Earth is much less popular than Google Maps, it is vastly superior on many levels – which is why leading technolgoy companies are opting to pay for Microsoft over Google.  This combination essentially combines mapping with virtual tour experiences.  This combination will have relevance for agents working within the mls as well as public search sites.

To see an example of Photosynth for real estate, select the “house synth” by clicking herePrepare to be impressed –  Aside from the experience, it supports commerical licensing and privacy controls.