MarketlinxlogoMarketlinx today announced a partnership with Blue Dasher Technologies to provide a great new method to engage consumers on a website. Their technology allows you to virtually “drive” around a neighborhood.  Not only can you see the home you may be interested in, you can “pull in” the driveway of the home next door, check out the park down the street and drive around the entire development. It brings a whole new dimension of reality to a website.

Under the agreement, MarketLinx will offer its MLXchange, TEMPO and InnoVia customers Blue Dashers rich media solution that enables real estate professionals and consumers to virtually explore neighborhoods and visit prospective real estate listings.

“Blue Dasher sets a new standard in street-level imaging capabilities,” said Bryan Foreman, president of MarketLinx MLS Solutions. “Their cutting-edge viewing technology represents a major step forward in the evolution of Internet-based property research.  Were very excited to be able to offer Blue Dashers technology to our clients.”
Blue Dashers image-capture vehicles employ sophisticated proprietary software that records a panoramic image every 8 to 10 feet.  The unique, high-density imagery system enables precise address matching so residential and commercial properties can be pinpointed accurately.  When viewed online, the 360-degree images are seamless, creating an experience similar to driving down the street.

“Our solution allows homebuyers and real estate agents to visit the street where a property is located and virtually drive by and explore the neighborhood from their computer,” said Michael Reidbord, chief executive officer of Blue Dasher Technologies.  “The system provides a lifelike, vehicular tour of properties, points of interest and neighborhoods in major metropolitan areas of the country.”

With Blue Dasher, agents can post realistic-looking “for sale” signs in front of their virtual listings that show contact information and important property details.  These image overlays are maintained in a central database and can be viewed by Blue Dasher users from other industries, greatly expanding broker and agent marketing opportunities.  Blue Dasher also provides analytical tools that allow agents to gain a better understanding of client needs and behaviors, helping direct their sales initiatives and prioritize activities.

If you want to see a demo of this cool technology check it out at