WAVGroupGreenThere has been a lot of emphasis on teaching Realtors how to work with clients and their green homes.  Not as much emphasis has been placed on how real estate organizations themselves can deploy tools to reduce their costs and environmental impact. WAV Group recently published a paper to help real estate organizations understand the positive impact they can make by reducing their own carbon footprints, while attracting green customers and employees.

Wanna help save 1.5 billion gallons of gas?  How about 2,000,000 trees?  Real estate organizations can do the right thing for the environment while strengthening their own bottom-line. They can save money while creating the potential to attract new customers and increase loyalty of their current customer base.
Studies have shown that consumers are more interested in working with green companies. Employees also prefer to work for companies with a commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

WAV Group recently released a paper called Make More Green by Going Green. It outlines why it is important to Go Green and importantly how you can capitalize on your green efforts. It also outlines practical, easy to implement programs to reduce a companys environmental impact. The paper has suggestions and tips that can be applied by brokerages, MLSs and individual agents.

If you would like to distribute the paper to your company or customers, please contact us at marilyn@wavgroup.com.