I ran across a terrific example of edutizing today from Prudential Georgia REALTY.  The company offers a series of videos describing the state of the national real estate market, local real estate market, and several other topics.  What really impressed about these videos is the tone. They are balanced and honest using a variet of credible third party sources to discuss market trends and future projections. While the videos clearly depict the true state of the real estate market they also leave the viewer with a hopeful perspective on the future of the Atlanta real estate market.  The video production is professional – much like a CNN news program or documentary. It helps project a business-like disciplined face to Prudential Georgia REALTY.

I found the video on a the REALTOR LinkedIn Group so the company appears also to be promoting the video among the REALTOR community as well as to consumers. They are using social networking to expand the reach and value of the edutizing content they are producing.

This is a great example about how to use your company’s expertise to share a professional, balanced view of the real estate market. This type of information is really valuable to consumers – much more so than an ad that simply says list your home with me.

Hats off to Dan Foresman and his team!

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Hope to see you there!