The EPA has just released a study that confirms it is safer, not to mention cheaper to drink tap water than bottled water.  There is less scrutiny placed on health standards and reporting for bottled water than tap water.

Now here’s a great way to be safer, save money and Be Green in your real estate office all at the same time.

Instead of buying cases of bottled water for your office, why not buy a Camelbak water bottle for all of your agents and encourage them to be healthy and hydrated with their very own branded water bottle. You can purchase them for as little as $6.40 per bottle.  They make great green gifts for clients as well.

If you cannot afford plastic water bottles for everyone, how about just using tasteful glasses for your agents and clients.  They can make a nice impression and cost pennies in comparison to plastic water bottles.

For other tips about how to save money while going green download our white paper MakeMore Green by Going Green.