Be sure you set aside money in your budget for the 2010 AFIRE Conference!   It is the most fun and fulfilling conference of the year for female executives in real estate.

AFIRE of Awesome Females in Real Estate is a group that is four years old that was formed to provide an educational and networking opportunity for the women who are usually coaching everyone elsso, so they need their own outlet for learning and recharging their batteries.

Here’s what Anne St. Dennis from the Montreal Real Estate Board said about her first expeirience at the AFIRE conference:

I came back from my first AFIRE Conference totally refreshed and renewed in my work as well as in my personal life. I met and will stay in touch with many wonderful ladies all of whom have tough,demanding positions and look to unique conferences like AFIRE to provide some direction, relevant content and life changing experiences.

Aside from appreciating my new business friends, I was exposed to interesting ideas and sessions in a very intimate setting. The number of delegates, what with AFIRE hosting somewhat of a smaller group, is a real plus. The smaller numbers make it much easier getting to know like-minded people and as well, helped us all to truly focus on the business at hand, including the sessions and panels which were absolutely fascinating and timely as well. If I was to give AFIRE a score, it would be 10 out of 10!
– Anne St. Dennis, CAE Manager, Communications, Industry Relations, Legal Affairs
Greater Montreal Real Estate Board


I hope you will join Anne, myself and many others at the 4th Annual conference to be held April 21st – April 23rd in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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