CARETS LogoThe CARETS Southern California data sharing program has been deemed a resounding success according to several brokers and agents WAV Group has interviewed recently. The feedback we have received from brokers and agents participating in the program has been very positive. They tell us it has helped them save money because they do not need to belong to multiple MLSs now.  They believe they can now better serve the needs of their Southern California customers.

While CARETS recently announced that is not taking any new members for the short-term, they are definitely committed to continued growth and expansion with interested parties in the future.  WAV Group has learned that as part of this success, CARETS hopes to collaborate with every facet of the real estate brokerage community, including CalREDD.   Meetings with interested parties are in the process of being scheduled to achieve these desires.   The simple fact is that CARETS did not expect the wide demand for inclusion by other MLS to be as rapid as it has been.   As such, CARETS is doing its best to manage the desire for new membership with the capacity to successfully handle this new membership.   CARETS is confident that time will show that it can and will succeed with this effort.   The real estate brokerage community at large, and the consumers it services will be the benefactor of the diligent approach which CARETS is taking.

If you would like to see a white paper that provides an update on CARETS to date you can download a paper produced by CURE(CARETS underlying technology).