Orlando Regional REALTOR Association (ORRA) http://www.orlrealtor.com is one of the most progressive real estate associations in North America with nearly 9,000 members in Orange and Seminole counties in Central Florida is looking for a new leader to drive the organization to its next level of growth and relevance.

ORRA one of the largest Associations in the United States offering a breadth of association services. In addition to the association the company also manages two for profit divisions and a not for profit foundation. ORRA also enjoys partial ownership of My Florida Regional MLS http://www.mfrmls.com, one of the top 10 largest MLSs in the United States today.

Unlike most real estate Associations, ORRA also operates two highly successful for profit divisions – ORRA SGS and Orlando Regional Real Estate Network. SGS was established in 1999 under the name ORRASGS (http://orrasgs.com) as a technological partnership between the Orlando Regional Realtors Association and Data Targeting, Inc. to develop a predictive data mining system for use in commercial marketing and election analysis. It has since grown into the leading provider of political services to REALTOR associations nationwide and is leading the way to serving other associations as well. SGS has clients in Idaho, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, and many in our home state of Florida.

The EVP of ORRA also acts as the president of the Florida Real Estate Foundation.  To keep up with the needs of the ever growing market, the Florida Real Estate Foundationhttp://www.floridarealestatefoundation.com, a 501c3 organization, was established to serve Central Florida through community development, charitable giving, economic research and education to further the educational quality of the real estate professional.  Through the Foundation’s Art in Architecture program, Central Florida’s workforce families have the opportunity to purchase attractive and affordable homes addressing a critical community housing issue.

The Foundation also awards scholarships to Realtors® for Realtor® certification and designation courses.  Financial assistance is also given to students who are studying real estate and allied disciplines at Orlando area colleges and universities.

If you are interested in learning more about the position, please contact Marilyn Wilson at 805 473-9119 or marilyn@wavgroup.com