marketreportgraphsA few months ago I wrote a paper about Edutizing that talks about how to transform your online marketing approach away from traditional advertising to Edutizing. Edutizing allows you to share your insights and local knowledge as a way to attract new customers instead of bombarding potential customer with “me-isms”  that we see so many times in real estate advertising.

Krisstina Wise, partner in the Goodlife Team and noted memeber of the AFIRE network(Awesome Females in Real Estate) has created a great method for using local market statistics as a method for building readership to her blog while positioning her company as a local expert.

Her company is using a combination of a hip video coupled with easy to understand charts and commentary.The video, while fairly simple and inexpensive to produce brings whole new dimenstion to consumers to simplify their understanding of local market conditions. Coupled with a great article wth easy to understand graphs, Krisstina, has put her company in the forefront of the local marketplace for her readers.

Check it out here: