facebooklogoIf you are running an MLS, REALTOR Association, or real estate brokerage, you need to begin to read the Inside Facebook Blog.  It will allow you to keep up with trends so that you can consider your company’s Facebook strategy moving forward.

Today, the average Facebook user is 26.  But that is rapidly changing and moving in the direction of the core audience for Real Estate.  According to Inside Facebook, the fastest growing user group is women over 55 (up 175% since Q4 of 2009).    Of course, where the women go, the men will thankfully follow:-)  The second fastest growing user group is men over 55 (up 138% over the same period).

I guess that it is only reasonable to assume that Facebook would eventually hit the Boomers – the largest segment of the US economy and the wealthiest.  If successful, Facebook will realize growth that makes the hockey stick of their adoption curve look even steeper than it does today.

Want to know about all of those Facebook applications that litter your page.  Here are the current adoption rates.