firstamericanCoreLogiclogoBen Graboske of First American Core Logic Marketlinx shared the announcement at HAR REIS meetings about the division of First American into two separate companies – roughly dividing the title business from the technology and data business.  We saw Fidelity do this a few years ago which resulted in the creation of LPS.

Graboske was “hush hush” about the new name of the new company.  Many rumors have been circulating.

Yesterday, First American announced the new company name to the employees – all 10,000 of them.  Believe it or not, the new name was leaked out.

Drum Roll please…….

Core Logic – Marketlinx.  Yup, thats right.  The new name is the old name sans the First American lead in.  Looking forward to the Initial Public Offering.  Should be in June, so prepare your investment dollars.