Rapattoni-LogoWAV Group performs dozens of strategic planning sessions for MLSs each year.  As part of our strategic planning sessions, we survey members on satisfaction with the MLS system.  One of the chief complaints among MLS Participants and Subscibers across all surveys is the desire to have Apple computers supported my MLS systems.

LPS, Marketlinx, FBS, and now Rapattoni have all been focused on achieving this functionality.  Rapattoni issued a press release confirming their support of Mac based browsers this morning.  This is great news for MLSs who are delivering data services on the Rapattoni platform – a move that is sure to enhance participant and subscriber satisfaction with the product.  The upcoming NAR Midyear conference in Washington D.C. will offer a wonderful opportunity for MLSs to view the interface.

Press Release

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., April 29, 2010 Rapattoni Corporation (Rapattoni) announced today that the newest version of the Rapattoni MLS is fully compatible with the Mozilla Firefox® browser, which will allow the software to operate natively on Apple® Mac® computers.

Rapattoni released the new version to its customers on April 28, giving their users the ability to access the Rapattoni MLS from the Firefox® web browser on PCs and Macs®. Rapattoni’s initiative to become cross-browser and cross-platform compatible began in 2009 andwill continue throughout 2010, as additional browsers are added.

Nick Rapattoni, president of Rapattoni, said, “Over the past two years, the popularity of the Mac® has increased significantly among real estate professionals. As the numbers increased, Rapattoni recognized the importance of cross-platform compatibility and invested in making its robust Rapattoni MLS software work natively on both PCs and Apple® computers. Our new version provides our customers with a faster end product capable of running on Internet Explorer® and Firefox®.”