Hindenburg ExplodingOn this day in 1937, the world was stunned by a sudden accident that would change the way most people viewed how safe they were. And, like many other such cultural shocks of the past it occurred in New Jersey.

At the time people were vesting a great deal of comfort and trust in technology and the folks who professed to understand (and provide) that technology.

So, on this day in 1937 friends, family, and even radio reporters gathered to witness the transatlantic arrival of the best airship ever built. Its passengers had been given histories most comfortable and luxurious ride on what was the best means of transport modern technology could design.

The landing site was Lakehurst, New Jersey. The fabulous ship was called the Hindenburg. And sometime after it laid out its mooring lines but before it reached its mooring berth, a spark set the whole ship ablaze. Over thirty-six people died and with them passed the world’s certainty that technology always brought safety – – well it passed for a few generations anyway.

Hope everyone has a safe trip to MidYear in the safer, more efficient technology known as the Airplane.