MLS organizations many times suffer from branding confusion. When they are a division of the association, for example, yet they have their own identity members don’t know the name of the MLS entity. When regional MLSs deliver their services through local associations their brand recognition gets even more muddied.

Brand Awareness CrossWord Style GraphicHere’s one area where there may be an opportunity to deliver a more clearly-branded service to build the strength of the MLS organization’s brand – the MLS system.

WAV Group conducts member satisfaction research all over North America.  When we ask members what MLS organization they belong to they will often say “Tempo”, “Paragon”, “Rapattoni”, “Flex”, or another MLS system name.  They do not even know the name of the MLS organization they belong to.

MLSs may want to think about “private labeling” the MLS system with their own brand and logo to avoid this confusion.  Then when a MLS customer uses the MLS system every day they will be getting exposed to the MLS organization’s branding, not the MLS system vendor’s branding.

It’s just a small step, but it may be one way to help MLSs take credit for the most valuable tool they purchase on behalf of their subscribers.  It may also help subscribers understand the difference between the Association and the MLS if that is important in your local situation.