REtechnologylogoAll very cool and exciting stuff.  We are very fortunate to be positioned on the intersection where the primary fiber optic passes between the United States and Asia.  From San Luis Obispo, the fiber gets split and moved north to San Jose and south to Los Angeles.

RE Technology is pleased to announce our hosting facility has levereged this location in to improve our services.

Over the last 18 months, our hosting partner planned Northern and Southern backbone upgrades, as well as peering and transit hand-off upgrades at RE Technology hosting locations in Los Angeles and San Jose. Up until last year, hosting backbone circuits were  OC circuits or “SONET” based circuits.   As our needs grew, we can take advantage of a larger network, capable of transmitting 100 times more volume and speed.  All services are now supported by native Ethernet circuit over Fiber, creating the ‘cleanest’ possible backbone circuit.

The Northern 10Gig Wavelength was turned up on July 9, 2009. During it’s first year, the circuit has created ZERO errors or packet drops. Improvements were delivered in transit handoffs to all GigE circuits, as well as upgrades to the peering to GigE handoffs. This was done on both ends, Los Angeles and San Jose.

THIS WEEKEND, is the launch of the Southern backbone as a 10Gig Wavelength, replacing the OC circuit that’s been in place. FUN!