Roost exits the third party portal business

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tree-houseRoost is officially dropping their web portal business, and its a shame.

There were only three companies who offered a national portal for property search that used IDX listings as its foundation: REALTOR.com, cyberhomes.com, and Roost.com. As you may know, Cyberhomes transferred many of their company assets to RPR last year and announced that they were exiting the portal business. They announced the sale of the domain name to Lisitngbook this year. Guess the last one standing is REALTOR.com.

Here is the roost announcement


We are reaching out to inform you of some changes that will take place at Roost.com. Starting on September 1st, Roost will discontinue its home search business at Roost.com. This change will mean that any alerts you have set will stop.

Roosts new products and services will focus on providing tools for real estate professionals to build business using social networks like Facebook. You can see our new social marketing tools offering here.

We have enjoyed providing you with a home search, and we hope the experience has made your buying process easier. We apologize for any inconvenience this announcement might have caused and wish you success in your home search.

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