Sales Success increasing imageEvery company believes they offer the best to their customers. It’s the same way I believe my son is the best on his baseball team. When you spend so much time building something, working for something, you have to believe in it. But you need to take care not to let your passion cloud your objectivity. Of course I think my son is amazing, but I know he needs to practice, follow the coach’s suggestions, and we need to track his progress. How does your company know that your services really are meeting or exceeding customer expectations?

With the ever-changing technologies and products being offered as MLS services, customer satisfaction research and benchmarking are effective ways to gage your efforts to meet user expectations.

WAV Group is offering a free, non-sponsored survey we provide for the benefit of the industry. The annual MLS Technology Survey will provide high-level comparative satisfaction ratings of the MLS technology used in our industry as well as trending information from year to year.  It will also support the role of your MLS selection committees about MLS systems and services used across the industry today.

In response to feedback, WAV Group is modifying the approach of the survey process. The survey will be broken into two surveys fielded at different intervals. The first survey is for MLS executives and staff. The second is for MLS subscribers. Combined, the two surveys will provide a more comprehensive measure of the tools delivered by the nation’s leading MLS organizations.

To participate in this free survey, email Feel free to reach out with any questions about the survey or WAV Group research.