intermountain logoWAV Group is excited to announce a really exciting job opportunity for progressive MLS leaders.  Intermountain MLS, located in Boise, Idaho is looking for a new Chief Executive Officer. I have worked with this organization for awhile now and they are one of the best run MLSs out there.  And for those of you who went to CMLS when it was hosted in Boise, Idaho you know what an AMAZING place it is!  I would love to talk to you to any of you that may be interested in learning more about the position. Also if you would like to meet with me confidentially next week at the CMLS conference, send me a note and we can schedule some time to talk!

Check out the Job Description Below!

Chief Executive Officer Intermountain MLS

Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (IMLS) serves approximately 5,100 real estate professionals throughout Idaho and eastern Oregon, through relationships with eight REALTOR® associations. IMLS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boise Regional REALTORS® (BRR) and is based in Boise, Idaho.

The company is now accepting applications for a Chief Executive Officer to replace the outgoing CEO who is a taking a position with an MLS technology company, after 11 years of service at IMLS. Prime candidates will have experience and connections in the MLS industry, and will continue delivering the outstanding services our subscribers enjoy, while also positioning the organization for future innovation and growth.

In addition, Intermountain MLS is looking for a leader who not only knows how to run the administrative and technical aspects of an MLS, but who can effectively manage relationships with the shareholder association, vendors, subscribers, and the Board of Directors, in a collaborative, responsive, and engaging manner.

Candidates should have 5+ years of MLS experience, preferably in executive leadership or management roles, possess a strong knowledge of various MLS systems and third-party real estate applications. (IMLS currently uses Paragon for its MLS system and RAMCO for its membership database.)

The CEO will provide overall administration and management of the MLS system, staff, and leadership through the following tasks, as others as assigned by the Board of Directors:

  • Update the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations as required by the NAR Handbook on Multiple Listing Policy, and will submit documents to NAR, as required.
  • Create and implement policies and procedures as directed by NAR, as required, and the IMLS Board of Directors.
  • Oversee hardware and software installations and upgrades, backups, maintenance and repair, troubleshooting and issues resolution with IMLS staff and vendors.
  • Responsible for marketing IMLS and its services to current and potential members, and for making recommendations to the Board about services to add, improve, or discontinue.
  • Supervise and implement the lockbox security requirements as stated in the NAR Handbook on Multiple Listing Policy. (IMLS currently uses a Supra lockbox and key system.)
  • Oversee the planning and preparation of the annual budget and monthly financial reports, in collaboration with the Director of Finance, Treasurer, and Budget Committee.
  • Assist the IMLS President and Board of Directors with the formulation, analysis, and approval of various contracts and commitments.
  • Oversee training for all IMLS services in collaboration with the Director of Training, develop and present new member orientation, and send Weekly News Bulletins.
  • Supervise a staff of eight, many of whom are long-term employees, with the responsibility to recruit, hire, train, and if necessary, terminate.
  • Oversee member communications, and collaborate with the Boise Regional REALTORS® CEO and AEs from affiliated associations to plan and promote IMLS programs and initiatives.
  • Serve as Secretary of the Board of Directors, prepare meeting agendas in collaboration with the IMLS President, maintain meeting minutes, and implement all decisions of the Board.
  • Serve as staff liaison to the subcommittees, prepare meeting agendas in collaboration with the committee chairs, maintain meeting minutes, and bring forward recommendations to the Board or implement decisions of the committees.
  • Assist the IMLS Board in developing and implementing the strategic planning, and regularly communicate progress and usage statistics to the IMLS and shareholder Boards.
  • Attend conferences and meetings as approved in the budget or by special request, and serve as the liaison to CMLS, RESO, NAR, and Idaho REALTORS®.

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to Marilyn Wilson of the WAV Group at