graph treeWith 2017 in full swing there is no better time to get prepared for the year ahead. WAVes of Change will provide you with most effective ways to help prep your association for the inevitable evolutions and revolutions the real estate industry may experience this year.

We Attend the Events so You Don’t Have To

We know how costly travel, hotel and expenses can be, especially for multiple people from your association to attend various major conferences throughout the year. Our educational webinars are centered around major conferences and will bring you updates straight from these sessions.

Four times a year we present our live webinar which includes an exclusive looks at research, emerging technology trends, broker challenges, and policy discussion, as well as key industry updates.

Many successful MLSs and Associations already understand the value of this stimulating and cost-effective way to keep their members up to speed on industry initiatives that make an impact. The webinar series also allows for an opportunity for your voice to be heard, regarding issues we have in common, relevant questions as well as sharing potential strategies that lead to optimal success.

The WAVes of Change Series allows every one of your board members and invited guests to keep in touch on the ever-changing trends in our business WITHOUT leaving the office. WAVes of Change means we attend the events so you don’t have to.

Contact Us Today for Pricing!

If the WAVes of Change series sounds like something your organization will benefit from please contact or to learn more and get a quote. Please join your Association and MLS colleagues for this insightful series!  You’ll be glad you did!