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WAV Group supports Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) with vendor relations. The bulk of our work is helping MLSs drive member satisfaction and adoption of existing services to brokers and agents. And, each year we help some number of MLSs with conversions to different vendors. Often, these conversions are related to consolidation and data sharing.

WAV Group strongly recommends that MLSs invest time and resources into attending user group meetings. We are invited to attend user group meetings regularly for the different vendors. We attended the CoreLogic User Group Meeting in Vancouver this year. It was a very well managed event with a perfect balance between peer discussion, product roadmap, and industry roadmap. Job well done.

Trestle™ customers have changed their tenor about the product. All Trestle customers who have applied for RESO Certification have been able to reach Platinum level. CoreLogic had to reformat a lot of data in many markets to create Trestle. Now Trestle seems to be on target and developing nicely. We are paying close attention to the Spark API, Trestle, Bridge, The Grid, Upstream, and others. 

Upstream is highly focused on developing the firm record that will complement the listing record across brokerage technology suites. Upstream is developing payloads that include agent photos, agent bios, team photos, team bios, office photos, office bios, and a roster of all firm employees. CoreLogic is building this for Upstream and they are off to a good start. Like Trestle, Upstream formats the listing data targeting RESO Platinum for data distribution and adds a high fidelity feature that includes high resolution, non-watermarked photos, unlimited property descriptions, etc.

Security should be top of mind for every MLS in the nation today. Security audits should be adopted by everyone. Data breaches and data lockups can be avoided in most cases by following good security practices. CoreLogic is pushing data security hard with many initiatives to improved authentication for users and data consumers. Matrix API and Trestle Defender for monitoring data consumers are examples. 

CoreLogic has expanded its Alliance Network with over 60 product integrations into Matrix, 200 SSO integrations on Clareity SSO Dashboard, 650 vendors on Trestle and over 100 API integrations to Realist. Data gateways in real estate drive technology evolution for this industry. If you believe that data is an asset, then you likely understand the value in data gateways that leverage data as an asset.

Today’s MLS systems are all good. The race is on for vendors like CoreLogic to make their systems more extensible as platforms, and support plugin components that extend the tools available from the MLS to the broker, agent, and affiliate. I am excited to see what CoreLogic delivers in terms of AI and machine learning. Their early efforts demonstrate creative thinking and a good direction.


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