Agile Marketing

WAV Group supports brokers, MLSs, and technology firms by developing a culture of agile marketing across their business. Agile is mostly known as a software development approach though which requirements and solutions evolve through short sprint processes and team collaboration. In marketing terms, agile is a process of applying short sprints of highly focused marketing. The idea is to get as much done as quickly as possible and release marketing faster.

In an agile marketing sprint, you may focus on a single deliverable combining audience, channel, and message. In the example above, the marketing effort is to develop a case study to email large MLSs. When you have that definition, the project quickly takes form and everyone knows exactly what to do to execute. It allows the entire team to make better decisions faster. Most importantly, marketing happens faster.

Conversion funnel, landing pages, SEO, media spend, pay per click, social media sharing, and cross-selling come naturally from this type of marketing organization. Tying these constructs to Marketing should be routine for the team. Create content and push.

This process becomes especially effective when the marketing plan is synchronized with a similar agile process in sales. The release of the marketing materials is complemented with a strong sales push to meet with the target customer. As marketing goes out, the sales team follows up with a call or meeting.

Amplifying the marketing on something like a case study should be done in what we call “Surround Sound Marketing”. The timing of the email might be about 3 weeks before a conference. Send out a press release to announce the case study and pitch it to the media. Have the case study available at the conference and try to get a panel discussion to review it. Schedule meetings with the target audience in attendance as a priority over other customer meetings. Follow up after the conference with a webinar to review the case study and put a strong effort into getting folks to attend who have not engaged. Record the webinar and use the video on landing pages for the study. Target directly on social media to drive downloads.

How Agile is Marketing Today?

You can probably do an audit in your head to determine how agile you are in marketing. But the best process is to use this article to review your marketing strategy and have a discussion with your team. Pay close attention to the cadence and frequency of reaching each audience you serve. Are you matching your company products with customers in a way that is driving sales with each marketing message?

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