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RESO Broker Advisory Group’s workshop last September pushed some hotly debated topics among its members. One subject receiving a fair amount of back-and-forth dialogue was Marilyn Lund’s concept of a “TSA-Precheck” program for data consumers requesting access to real estate data. What emerged was a collaboration of industry associates to begin crafting a curriculum for a training course on “Working with Real Estate Data.”

Emerging out of the workshop was a discussion on how arduous the process is to obtain data access approval from each MLS.

With 634 MLSs, can brokerages or PropTech companies with an excellent record of managing MLS data have a more efficient and timely approval process for subsequent requests?

Just as TSA-Pre allows pre-approved security-pass to passengers to seamless flow through airport security, certified data consumers can have quick access to real estate data from each MLS.

RESO Drafting a Curriculum

RESO CEO Sam DeBord declared the vision of this curriculum by saying, “This project will bring much-needed data education to the industry, as well as opportunities for MLSs, brokers, and technology vendors to improve and expedite data access processes.”

The objective of the curriculum is,

  1. To educate industry participants on RESO standards and effective processes for efficient access and distribution of real estate data.
  2. To provide MLSs with an optional objective criterion to assess a data applicant’s readiness to directly consume MLS data as a vendor or broker’s technology staff.

With such a lofty objective, a project like this requires significant input from every corner of the industry.

Yes, there is an ASK!

Our first request…join RESO if you are not already a member. Compass’s Bill Fowler spoke at the past conference that RESO is like the United Nations for real estate. I agree; name another organization in the real estate industry where MLSs, brokers, and technology companies have open discussions about the industry. RESO is the UN of real estate, and it has been my pleasure to serve with this great group of caring people.

The second requested is to assist in crafting ideas for content for the curriculum. We have a good start, but we need everyone’s thoughts and participation that include essential topics for group discussion.

Please review and leave your comments with this link to the course overview for topics to discuss. This link is an open document, but you will need a Gmail account to make your read and comment.

The final request is for MLS technical staff. In building out the curriculum, it’s imperative to have MLS staff insight. MLS staff have the experience of the day-to-day technical practices that data consumers should understand and know.

Review and leave your comments with this link to the MLS technical issues working document. This link is an open document; again, you will need a Gmail account to review and make your comments.

The Opportunity

The “Working with Real Estate Data” curriculum is only the beginning. If you are a member of RESO, go to the Broker Advisory Group Call & Notes in the member section to read the notes taken at the Fall 2019 RESO Conference. The summary is full of additional topics, pain points, and possible solutions.

Participation is key to success in making the industry more efficient and effective. We are looking forward to everyone’s comments or the inclusion of new topics. Oh, and please join RESO. Our conferences are a blast and full of great conversations with some of the most talented people in the industry.