RETS, the outdated data transport method that was launched in the last century is finally going to be replaced by the RESO Web API, today’s method for efficiently building and deploying data-dependent real estate technologies. 

RESO has started a RETS Extinction Countdown to celebrate the MLSs that are making the move to the API.

Kudos to the Miami Association of REALTORS® converting to 100% Web API way back in 2019!

Congrats to Greater McAllen Association of REALTORS,, realtracs, and, for converting 100% to the API in the first half of 2021 and to Heartland MLS and the REALTOR® Association of Franklin and Gulf Counties for making the move in the second half of 2021.

Check back often to the RESO RETS Extinction Countdown to see what other customer-centric, progressive organizations are making this important move. 

Why does making a move to the RESO Web API matter? 

While it is well-known now that the industry is moving away from RETS and toward the RESO Web API, it’s important to understand why that move is critical. 

Faster and Cheaper Innovation

Developing technology on top of APIs allows you to standardize, contemporary technology platforms. That translates to cheaper development and faster go-to-market times. 

Encourages Outside Innovation and Smarts

When real estate encourages the best and brightest brains from your company, garage, local college, or tech incubator, we all benefit. APIs make it a lot easier for a start-up with a great idea to bring exciting new ideas to the table.

If your MLS or technology providers have not made the move to retire RETS and move to the 21st century with their technology please encourage them to do so.

If you would like to learn more and put standardized real estate data to work in your business, feel free to reach out to us at WAV Group or go to to learn more!