Product Management

Software Development Advisory Services

Our team has worked in the MLS, and related technology, industry for over twenty years, designing, developing, selling and installing hundreds of systems for MLSs and brokers. WAV Group works with technology companies and in-house MLS development teams providing:

Product Review/Gap Analysis

We will review your systems, module by module, provide clear and objective feedback on strengths, weaknesses and system gaps as compared to best of breed products available on the market. We also provide specific suggestions for overall product improvement.

User Interface/Navigation

We will review your entire system on the basis of navigation, ease of use and overall system design consistency. We provide a full report on issues, strengths and specific suggestions for product improvement.

Product Design Team Workshop

This workshop can be combined with the above services or used on its own. During the workshop we meet with your design and product team and review existing products or planned releases providing real-time feedback on functionality, interface and navigation.

We have found that reviewing proposed releases with the development team without prior review provides an invaluable “first time” experience. Combined with our overall MLS product knowledge we are able to provide development and design teams quick validation on products and release plans before roll out identifying problems and issues before they reach your customers.

Market Requirements/Product Road Map

Our firm has extensive experience identifying product market requirements and using that information to create an optimized product road map. We have helped develop and deliver dozens of MLS, broker and agent products as well as over a thousand retail products.

The principle is the same regardless. We use proven methodology to define real market requirements and to develop a cohesive product road map. The result is a better product and lower costs!