rental beast logoAs the real estate market changes, we know all real estate agents need to pivot, but what can agents do right now to take action and keep closing deals? Award-winning author of One Rental at a Time, Micheal Zuber, and CEO of SaaS platform Rental Beast, Ishay Grinberg, sat down for a virtual conversation this week about what agents can do today to sustain through the pandemic, and be ahead of the game as the market recovers.

This webinar is a must-listen for real estate agents—it’s full of actionable information and creative solutions for weathering tough economic downturns. Here are some main takeaways from “Pivoting for Pros: What Real Estate Gets Can Do with Rentals Right Now.”

1. Appreciate the Power of MultiFamily

Multifamily real estate is largely resistant to the dramatic peaks and troughs that the home sales market experiences. Grinberg and Zuber unpack how risk-averse Americans spend their income and share why Multifamily real estate offers agents a realistic safe-harbor during tough times. Grinberg, using his own experiences as a broker in NYC and Boston, explores how real estate agents can keep cash flow consistent by taking focus on growing connections in the recession-resistant multifamily market and building rentals into their business. There’s a pot of 12 billion dollars in leasing commissions available to agents each year. Who knew?

2. Invest in Apartments

If you haven’t tried investing in apartments yet, now is the time to consider building a robust portfolio of investment opportunities. Zuber kept creating cash flow during previous economic downturns by choosing to invest in multifamily real estate and building durable relationships with property owners.

3. And… Invest in Your Education

If you’re not sure how to build rentals into your business plan or how to approach investors, the first step is a solid education. With most of the country under stay-at-home orders, real estate agents can invest time focusing on learning and building all the skills necessary to conduct virtual rental transactions now and be ready for the recovery.

4. Build Relationships Now

Don’t underestimate the power of loyalty! Grinberg and Zuber stress the importance of building strong relationships with investors and property owners right now. You’ll be able to develop business today, and tomorrow. Zuber predicts that investors will hit the market en masse after the COVID-19 depression and return in a way unseen in more than a decade.

5. Utilize the Additional Resources Available Right Now

Attendees were given a suite of useful tools—free access to rental education, free access to an all-online rental application, tips to help agents establish relationships with landlords and investors, and more.

Watch the full webinar hosted by Marilyn Wilson from WAV Group and RE Technology below: