Top view of office desk working around M&A letters, keyboard, calculator, phablet and money.

WAV Group held a well-attended webinar last week on how to acquire real estate firms and creating a successful M&A Strategy. The panelists included: Larry Rideout, Chairman of Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty, Victor Lund, Founding Partner, WAV Group, and George Slusser who leads our M&A Advisory Division.

We shared ideas and helpful tips on all areas of the acquisition process. We focused on the 4 C’s critical to any potential acquisition: Culture, Competency, Cost, and Commitment.

Victor stressed the importance of evaluating the platform of the candidate as well as your own. He offered a few of the pitfalls to avoid, along with advice on reviewing agreements and choosing best in class services.

Larry was a wealth of practical knowledge offering his insights based on his firm’s significant growth through M&A. He explained his strategy, his process, and some areas to both concentrate on and avoid.

The importance of cultural compatibility was stressed throughout the session.

If you are at all interested in M&A, or improving your success rate, please view this recorded webinar: Grow in 2021 with Successful Acquisitions

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