The Broker Resource Network (“BRN”) issued their first press release today. (Attached below) Since January, the network has been forming through the efforts of one broker calling another, then another, and so on. In a short number of months, the group took shape and through accounting, these firms combine to represent the fourth largest group of brokers in real estate behind KW, Realogy, and Leading RE. Many of the firms come from those groups, and for the first time, there is one network to house them all. All brokers are welcome! Joining the Broker Resource Network costs $2250 per year.

In consideration of the strategy of the BRN, I could not help but to parallel the effort with thoughts from the great success coach, Tony Robbins. The following list includes a few of his quotes:

  1. “Set Goals” – The BRN offers benchmarking to member firms.
  2. “Selfless Contribution” – BRN creates non-competitive broker groups where firms share success tactics.
  3. “Give Back” – The BRN firms can contribute a lot to our industry.
  4. “The path to success is to take massive, determined action” – Together, the BRN firms will form a voice for brokerage advocacy across the industry.
  5. “Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives” – In this regard, I believe that these firms will collaborate for positive change.

And lastly, Robbins says “In life you need either inspiration or desperation.” I do believe that brokers are in a desperate position; brokers have the lowest margins of any business in our industry today — but brokers are also full of inspiration. The leaders who have formed the BRN are among the most engaging and exciting executives that I encounter in our industry. In collaboration, their future is bright.

Enjoy the press release:

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Real Estate Company Leaders Collaborate to Launch Broker Resource Network

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO USA (15 June 2021) – Broker Resource Network (“BRN”), the broadest real estate brokerage-focused network in North America, announces its successful launch and now is welcoming new brokers to join the network.

Combined, the early participants in the network already include close to 100 leading real estate firms from the United States and Canada. These firms applied in its earliest days to develop a collaborative environment to improve the performance of brokerage through learning from their peers and identifying the resources the need most, which the network will provide to them. Having completed the quiet launch phase, the BRN is now sharing the news of the opportunity of this network to all companies whose main business is representing sellers and buyers as brokers.

“There are many networks, interest groups, and news sources for brokers in the industry today, whether you are a franchisee, an independent, a traditional broker, an alternative model, a single or multi-office, local, regional, or even a national firm. But there is not a single organization that encompasses all groups and is focused exclusively on brokers,” said Kent Hanley, president of the Broker Resource Network.

Launched last month, BRN is open to all brokers who have a desire to excel as real estate business operators. The network has enlisted the engagement and support of top brokerage leaders and industry experts across the real estate spectrum, all of whom are committed to helping connect brokers with each other and develop a wide variety of resources to support their success.

“The best information I ever get is from another broker,” said Craig McClelland, vice president and COO of Better Homes & Gardens Metro Brokers. “BRN is primarily about connecting brokers directly to each other. It fills a gap, because currently there is no framework for brokers to connect across all brands and networks. For me, the other resources provided in the subscription are merely a bonus.”

“We look forward to receiving the additional resources to come through Broker Resource Network,” said Nancy Fennell, president of Dickson Realty. “We know our subscription will connect us with research, benchmarking data and timely information focused on broker needs, as well as with some of the best and brightest brokers around. We expect to be even better equipped for the opportunities and challenges ahead by adding this additional level of support.”

The Broker Resource Network is the broker equivalent to the Council of MLS (“CMLS”) and the Association Executives Institute (“AEI”) who provide value to their respective segments of the industry. Michael Scarafile, president of Carolina One Real Estate, shares, “While Carolina One has always focused on our local market presence and expertise, we have also looked to leverage multiple networks and associations to connect us and our agents to other regional, national, and international companies and experts.”

“We look forward to benefiting through our participation in the Broker Resource Network. Research on key issues, data on timely topics and insights from fellow brokers will be very useful to Sibcy Cline in the months ahead,” said Robin Sheakley, president of Sibcy Cline Realtors.

“Our members tell me they have already begun to find the resources that are produced by this broker collaborative to be of unique value, and we expect our brokerage leaders will enjoy the added benefit from connecting with leaders of firms outside of our own network,” said Craig Cheatham, President and CEO of The Realty Alliance. “And we frequently receive requests from brokers who want to join The Realty Alliance, but who lack enough commonality with our current members to create mutual benefit. The Broker Resource Network instead appears to be a perfect fit for these brokers of all sizes and business models.”

The real estate industry has several associations and networks, but this group will focus on brokers, many of whom do not have access to an organization so focused on their specific role. Franchisors work to connect their franchisees. Realtor associations serve many in this industry but must focus primarily on agents (Realtors). The Realty Alliance supports only the very largest, traditional brokers. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® serves only independents. Ownership groups like Realogy Brokerage Group (formerly “NRT”) and HomeServices of America® work with brokerages they own. The Broker Resource Network will connect brokers of all sizes, business models and affiliations, making it a great supplement to any more restrictive group to which a broker already may belong. The newest generation of brokers is more familiar with a “subscription” model than the association model their predecessors utilized, so BRN is structured in that manner, which also will help keep it market driven.

About the Broker Resource Network

The Broker Resource Network subscription includes exclusive access to private discussions with other brokerage leaders through “Peer Advisor Groups,” which offer the broadest base of information and sharing among brokerage leaders. Participants also receive each week at least one resource focused solely on company leaders, such as articles, research, analysis, benchmarking, webinars, and newsletters. Subscriptions to the BRN are open to all brokerage owners and executives in the United States and Canada through an annual fee which includes direct access for up to six leaders from a bona fide real estate firm, including recruiting, marketing, and technology leaders. Technology partners focused on the brokerage segment to provide foundational support for the organization. Brokerage applications are submitted online through a secure and confidential application found here.


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