MooveGuru acquired HomeKeepr in February 2021 for a seven-figure amount. Founded in 2013, HomeKeepr was the early leader in providing a service that agents can provide to their clients to access local professionals to help with homeownership. The acquisition added 230,000 real estate agents who have adopted the product to the MooveGuru platform (many from Keller Williams). Perhaps more importantly, the acquisition added 430,000 home professionals. MooveGuru provides a concierge service to connect consumers with the services they need.

In the first year, MooveGuru was able to incorporate YourHomeHub into HomeKeepr, and leverage the home professionals relationships from HomeKeepr into MooveGuru. This introduction expanded MooveGuru’s service offerings from moving related services and utility hookups to a full suite of home ownership services. The sweet spot within the MooveGuru program are the engagement emails that come from the agent to suggest services to the customer.

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Home, at your fingertips: MooveGuru’s launch of YourHomeHub gives consumers access to an ‘everything home’ portal

MooveGuru unveils platform for consumers to manage all aspects of their home in one place for free through sponsoring real estate agents

Atlanta, GA — March 16, 2022The feverish pitch of digitalization in real estate is not limited to buyers scouring the web for home listings. Homeowners are craving technology to help them manage home maintenance and home improvement projects all in one place. The household management solution from Atlanta real estate tech company MooveGuru called “YourHomeHub” is giving them just that.

“The ongoing success of our moving concierge platform has opened the door to continued expansion and streamlining solutions for homeowners looking to fully manage their home,” said Scott Oakley, CEO, and founder of MooveGuru, operators of YourHomeHub which also operates under the HomeKeepr brand. “YourHomeHub is a logical extension of our core offerings. Consumers will experience a platform that allows them to fully control their property at their fingertips. No more using multiple platforms or sifting through desk drawers to find crucial documents—it is now all in one place with YourHomeHub.” 

MooveGuru acquired home professional referral platform HomeKeepr in Dec. 2020, which added hundreds of thousands of home professionals. The key differentiator for HomeKeepr is that the service professionals in the network are curated by real estate agents on behalf of their clients. Consumers are waking up to the understanding that disrupters in home food delivery and household maintenance are a severe hardship to local restaurants and home improvement contractors. With YourHomeHub, consumers are connected directly to local, agent-referred contractors.

“The launch of YourHomeHub takes the HomeKeepr product to another level,” said Rob Morelli, the president of HomeKeepr, a MooveGuru company. “It has been carefully crafted with the desires of consumers in mind, built upon the success our brands have had delivering great value to both homeowners and agents.” 

YourHomeHub is the “everything home” platform, meaning it allows homeowners to manage both the financial details and physical elements of their home. It includes the most effective features from MooveGuru and HomeKeepr—hundreds of thousands of consumers already trust these solutions for moving and home maintenance—and adds additional functionality to help people manage all parts of their home. Consumers can monitor extensive information about their home and local market conditions, store important documents, generate accurate estimates for home repairs and find a local contractor for over 1,000 different home service categories. The platform offers a reliable estimate of a home value that goes far beyond standard online estimate tools.

Kathleen Kuhn, President of MooveGuru and a 35-year veteran of the home services industry, noted how quickly the concept is taking off.

“We knew homeowners needed an online destination for homeownership and real estate agents needed a tool to help them continue to connect with and serve their contacts, but we didn’t anticipate how quickly industry leaders would embrace the concept,” Kuhn said. “Because of the interest and foundation of real estate agents who will share the platform, millions of consumers will have access to the service for free, starting today.”

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MooveGuru Inc. is based in Roswell, GA. In 2016 the company launched a free mover engagement program to real estate agents and brokers with the idea of connecting home buyers and sellers to convenience and savings on moving services. Using just-in-time delivery through artificial intelligence algorithms, MooveGuru Inc. ensures consumers receive agent-branded savings and convenience from national and local retailers and utility connections as they step through the relocation process. Today, more than 1500 brokerages, 300,000 agents, and millions of homeowners are connected to the MooveGuru and YourHomeHub platforms.


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