Maine Listings, based in South Portland, Maine, one of the oldest and most progressive statewide Multiple Listing Services in the country is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer to run its 6,800+ member association-owned MLS.

Cathy Libby, the current CEO, is retiring after a highly successful MLS career serving the members of Maine Listings for over 23 years.

The ideal candidate must have a passion for the role and the real estate industry, and be a proactive, visionary leader who can implement innovative ideas and manage change effectively.

True to the culture and spirit of Maine Listings, the successful candidate will be a confident, hard-working, and motivational leader with adept skills at listening and adapting to the ever-changing needs of Maine REALTORS®. He/she will be a role model in customer-centricity and will continue to nurture the organization’s strong commitment to customer service. They will be experts at building and fostering relationships and resolving conflicts. They will advocate for responsive updates to software and policy based on input from the membership, leadership, and staff.

While service is critical to success, the new CEO will also be in tune with where the industry is going and adept at delivering technology that supports its members. He/she will be an expert in RESO standards and MLS Policy and will lead the organization to embrace emerging MLS technology trends. He/she will be able to draw on their depth of industry knowledge and relationships to continue to hone the best practices of the organization.

The CEO is an individual who takes pride in coaching and encouraging others to succeed. He/she will have a passionate commitment to delivering relevant products and services which empower its members to successfully compete in the marketplace. He/she will work with a dedicated, high-performing team that delivers first-class customer service, training, and support.

The organization’s chief executive will be responsible for driving the successful implementation of the company’s forward-looking, proactive strategic plan to support the success of Maine Listings members. He/she will work with the team to bring the strategic goals of the company to life and use quantitative benchmarks to provide full transparency on progress. He/she will enjoy rolling up their sleeves alongside the team to bring the vision of the strategic plan to life.

Maine is a large state. The successful CEO will be open and committed to driving from South Portland to the Canadian Border and back to build direct relationships with brokers, their affiliated licensees, state/local Association Executives, their Boards of Directors, and staff.

Candidates must possess excellent communication and public speaking skills. He/she will use their proven leadership skills to build a respectful and collaborative trusted partnership with the Board of Directors, encouraging challenging critical thinking and maintaining a constant strategic focus on the threats and opportunities facing Maine Listings. He/she will continue to foster an open and collaborative relationship with the CEO, Board of Directors, and staff of the Maine Association of REALTORS®, the shareholder of Maine Listings.

The successful CEO must have a strong understanding of business finances, including the budget process and financial controls.

Travel to state and national conferences is required, as well as a commitment to the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) organization.

If you would like to apply for the position or would like to learn more, please submit your information to Marilyn Wilson,